LetsGetChecked Review of the At Home Herpes Test Kit

Herpes is a tremendously common sexually transmitted infection (STI) that remains in the body for life. More than 50 percent of Americans are afflicted with oral herpes and approximately 1 in 6 has contracted genital herpes. As such, there is a big chance that a few individuals you know are living with this STI.

The Let’s Get Checked Herpes kit is designed to detect both the Herpes Simplex Virus I (HSV-1) and the Herpes Simplex Virus II (HSV-2) virus via finger prick blood samples. Using this kit will allow you to find out your status, without having to visit a clinic, hospital or doctor’s office.

Herpes has no cure; however, medication can be used to alleviate your symptoms and lessen your chances of passing the infection on to your sexual partner. Herpes can sometimes be painful or uncomfortable; however it is not dangerous.

A number of individuals with this infection are involved in meaningful relationships, engage in sexual activities and live healthy lives. Additionally, having the test done and taking the right medications, if your test comes back positive, will eventually result in outbreaks becoming less frequent.

When to Test for Herpes

Before taking the test, it is important to wait between 4 and 12 weeks from when you made sexual contact. STIs like herpes can take a while to become detectable; therefore, to ensure accurate results, you should wait before taking the test. Regular testing is recommended if you are sexually active, especially if you do not practice safer sex techniques or you have multiple partners.

You should also think about using the LetsGetChecked Herpes Test Kit if:

• You used a syringe or needle to inject illegal drugs into your body that someone else has previously used
• You have engaged in unprotected sex
• You are embarking on a sexual journey with a new individual
• You are experiencing STD or STI symptoms
• You have been notified by a former sexual partner that he or she is infected (STDs can take up to 3 weeks to become active or stay dormant for years).

The herpes test must be taken fasted and should be administered before 9 a.m. In addition, the test should be sent to the lab on the same day it was done.

LetsGetChecked Summary

The LetsGetChecked at-home herpes kit allows you to screen for the HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Buy your confidential, first-class kit today and it will be delivered directly to your door, in just a few days.

When the test gets to you, it must be activated on https://www.letsgetchecked.com/. During the activation process, you will be required to answer a number of medical questions. These answers are necessary to assist the team of board-certified doctors to review your case and make recommendations throughout the process.

The sample will be self-collected from the comfort of your home, without needing to visit a clinic, doctor’s office or hospital. Please make sure your sample is collected and sent back early morning. Never collect or return the sample on a Friday or on the weekend.

A prepaid shipping label is provided to send the sample back to a laboratory partner within a 24-hour period. Once the lab has processed the sample, you will be able to access the results within 2 to 5 days.

There are certain results that will be relayed by a LetsGetChecked nurse, who will call to provide 1-on-1 support and recommend treatment options. A team of medical professional is also available 24 hours a day in case you need additional support or to answer questions that may arise during the process.