Test For Herpes At Home Like A Pro

Can I test for herpes at home? Yes, you can. Testing for herpes at home is easier than basic chemistry so long as you choose a tried and tested herpes home testing kit.

How Does Herpes Home Testing Work?

Herpes home testing is easy. To get started, all that you need is an internet connection. You can easily order a herpes test kit online. You will simply follow the following steps.

1. Order the herpes home testing kit online. We recommend MyLAB Box Herpes Home Test kit. They are well-regarded and respected in this field, and that’s what you need. After a company receives your order, they will send your kit.

2. Check your mail. You will find your kit. Collect it and test for herpes at your convenience.

3. The test will only last five minutes.

4. Send your samples back to the company.

5. Sit back and wait for your results.

So, How Will I Get My Results?

A reputable provider of herpes home testing kits usually works with experienced science labs. Thus, after the receipt of your sample, the company will send it to such labs for processing. You can rest assured that a trained technician will carefully analyze your sample. After a careful analysis, the technician will come up with your final test result. You will receive a mail with your result.

What Does the Herpes Home Test Kit Have?

If you have never seen a herpes home testing kit before, you might wonder what they contain. The contents of your kit will depend on whether you are testing for herpes alone or you are also testing for other STDs.

You can order a single panel kit that tests for herpes alone. Alternatively, you can order a multi-panel kit that will also test for other STDs such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDs. The ultimate kit is the 7-panel kit. It tests for the seven most common STDs.

Generally, your kit will have the following:

• Easy to follow instructions

• The blood sample/urine/vaginal swab collection kit.

• Free 2-way shipping

• Free telephone consultation with a medical practitioner in your state in case your test positive.

• Easy and fast access to your results online

• A postage paid return envelope that you will use to send your samples back.

How Will I Test For Herpes?

You will fast have to unpack the contents of your herpes home testing kit. After doing so, you should read all the instructions. For men, the test can simply involve collecting a urine sample. Women have to do a vaginal swab. In some cases, one has to collect a blood sample.

How reliable is a Herpes Home Testing Kit?

The reliability of a herpes home testing kit depends on the provider of the kit. The best kits are just as reliable as clinic tests. That is because they employ the same mechanisms.

• Reliability depends on two aspects: sensitivity and specificity. Sensitivity is the ability to predict a positive result when the disease is present. On the other hand, specificity is the ability to predict a negative result when the disease is absent. The best herpes home testing kits have sensitivity and specificity of over 99%. That means they are highly accurate.

Can I Test With My Partner?

Yes, you can. With the convenience of herpes home testing kits, you can easily test for herpes with your partner from the comfort of home. The whole affair will be private. Most people are afraid of the stigma associated with testing for STDs in hospitals. If you have a partner, it will be a good idea that both of you test for herpes so that you both know how to better protect yourselves since most likely there is sex without protection.

Is It Painful To Test

In most cases, there is totally no pain. That is because of the use of low impact kits. All you have to do is to take a urine sample or a vaginal swab. Testing for herpes does not have to involve a prick of the finger.

How long will it take To Receive Results?

It depends on the service provider. A good service will deliver the results quickly. Generally, you have to take into account the time that it will take for you to receive the kit and the results processing time. You will receive the kit in less than a week depending on the shipping service used. Results processing can also take another week. Therefore, the period between when you make an order and you know results will be around 2-3 weeks.

Is There Confidentiality?

A good service will facilitate 100% confidentiality. Therefore, you will be the first to know your results. Only you will know your results unless you share them with other people. Top services also securely transmit results. They use state of the art technologies. For the case of Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, the law requires the lab to report the test result to the Department of Health. However, the lab will only report a statistic and not private or personal identifying information. In the case of herpes, HIV, and the others STDs, there is no reporting.

I Have Tested Positive, What Do I Do?

If you have tested positive, you need not worry. The first step to do is to take advantage of the free medical consultation that comes with some kits. A doctor in your state will advise you on the steps that you have to take.

Testing positive for herpes should not be cause for alarm. That is because genital herpes is generally a harmless infection although it can be cumbersome at times due to the ulcers associated with the disease. You can easily eliminate such ulcers using OTC medications.

Herpes can become a health risk if you do not treat the ulcers. That is because they can catch an infection. Once you notice ulcers, you should seek medical attention. Antibiotics will heal the ulcers and will prevent infection. You should complete the antibiotic dose to avoid developing antibiotic resistance.

The Bottom-Line

According to surveys, herpes is the most common STD. More than 60 million Americans have herpes. In Sweden, over 80% of the population has herpes simplex type 1. You can easily, conveniently, and privately test for herpes, from the comfort of your home, using a herpes home testing kit.